Monday, July 12, 2010

Arghoslent - 1990 - 1994: The First Three Demos (2008)

In 2008, after the release of their third album Hornets Of The Pogrom, Arghoslent re-packaged their first three demos for re-release. Some of the songs on here would appear again on Galloping Through The Battle Ruins, but almost all would be left behind.

The Entity is the original Arghoslent demo, self released in 1991. It features such memorable tunes as "The Entity", "Bloody Mary", "Jigsaw", "Arghoslent", and the title track. I'd be able to give a better review of this release if it didn't sound like it was recorded down the hallway, through a pillow and then played again on blown out speakers recording onto a 4-Track recorder. Despite this however, you can still hear the spark of greatness buried beneath the muffled vocals and messy riffing. "The Entity" would make the cut and appear again on Galloping, as would some riffs on "Jigsaw".

Demo number two is Bastard Son Of One Thousand Whores, released independently in 1992. Unfortunately the production values did not evolve with the songwriting here, so it sounds just like the muffled mess on "The Entity". "Incursions" makes its first appearance on this release. The riffing here is just as well done as on the debut album. "Mob Of The Howling", a bonus track on Incorrigible Bigotry is also recorded for the first time here. It may be neat to listen to once or twice, but there's nothing here to keep me coming back.

The third and final demo is The Imperial Clans. Thankfully this one sounds much clearer than the previous two. "The Imperial Clans" up the demo, with all the greatness of the version on Galloping, including that fantastic solo break at 1:58. Since this demo is only three songs it is a bit easier to stomach than the others. "A Somber Warcry" and "The Nexxus of Chaos" round out the demo and are solid Arghoslent tunes.

The First Three Demos is a decent fan package for someone looking for every tune Arghoslent ever did. However, with the exception of The Imperial Clans, most of the material on here is a chore to listen too. Fun for a listen, but not something I'm going to grab for when I need my Arghoslent fix.

Verdict: 4.5/10 [Fail]

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